The Poker Player and the Preacher

by Terrance Adam

When Adam Foster, a legend in the poker world, has a chance encounter with Jacob O’Shea, once known worldwide as “The Preacher,” both men’s lives are changed forever. They met briefly twenty years ago when Adam was a college student searching for an understanding of God and The Preacher was at the height of his popularity as a teacher and speaker. Now it’s been fifteen years since Jacob O’Shea disappeared from the public eye. Adam long ago left his pursuit of God, replacing it with a desire to achieve wealth and self-reliance, but at what cost? The pain of the past haunts him, his marriage is hanging on by a thread, and a drunken mistake could cost him everything. Adam enlists the help of his best friend, Liam Callahan, a professional “fixer,” but how far is Adam willing to go? What ensues is a tapestry of forgiveness, redemption, love, betrayal, healing and ultimately acceptance as Adam comes to understand who is truly in control.