The Jesus Vote

by Terrance Adam

“If given the opportunity, would Jesus vote Democrat or Republican and why?” That’s the question Tommy Campbell will ask ten members of his family over the course of a long Thanksgiving weekend. The assignment, given by his history teacher, must be submitted on the day the students return to school.

Three generations from both sides of Tommy’s family are gathering at his grandparents’ home in Pennsylvania’s Pocono Mountains to celebrate the holiday, and it’s the perfect opportunity for Tommy to conduct interviews and complete the assignment. However, he quickly realizes that his family has far more complex views on the subject than he could have ever imagined.

The sensitive nature of the question forces everyone to communicate and expose secrets buried long ago and covered up with a difficult family history. This is complicated by the realization that a house divided against itself cannot stand.

In the end, Tommy must wrestle with what really matters, and how so many people he loves can see the world, humanity, and Christ so differently—and then make his own decision.